Join April MacKay and Stephanie Newkirk for a weekend on Mt Hood.
April 13th-15th, 2018
It’s a weekend retreat for metal heads
(or just generally awesome people looking to have a good time together)

We’ll gather from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon at a private cabin on the mountain for yoga, meditation, movies, chill time, and a little party time (you ready to get in on this bonfire action with us?).

We’ll provide healthy (but not lame) meals and snacks, a live musician to zen out with, and a few fun activities you can join in on (or not).

Space is limited, so contact us to sign up soon!
The following sleeping arrangements are available:
Your own couch
($165 single occupancy only)
Your own futon
($185 single occupancy only)
Private bed
($195 single occupancy, $340 double occupancy)
Master Bedroom with private bath
($205 single occupancy, $350 double occupancy)
***Price includes all meals and activities for the whole weekend**

Plan on arriving between 6pm-8pm on Friday night.
We’ll put out snacks, get to know each other, and enjoy Doom Nidra with a live musician
(Nidra is the yoga of sleep – the ultimate in relaxing, tuning in, and “letting go of the week’s shit”)
Depending on how long you like to sleep on Saturdays and how much alone time you’re hoping for while we’re way out in nature, you can join us in

+ Sun Yoga +
+ Morning Meditation “For Noobs” +
+ Journaling +
+ Games +
+ Adult “Fuck this” Coloring +
+ Music & Playlist Sharing +
+ Movies +
+ Dark Yoga +
+ Bonfire +

Breakfast will be available all morning, snacks all afternoon and evening. We will join together for Lunch and Dinner, with the option of watching and participating in cooking these meals, so that you can learn a bit more about how easy it can be to eat like you give a fuck about yourself (because we know you do).
Much of the same kind of loveliness will be available on Sunday including
+ Moving on Mindfully +
(A group chat on how to insert mindfulness into your “real life”)
+ Whatchu Need? Yoga +
+ High Fives and Goodbyes +


  • FAQ  
  • What is Dark Yoga and Sun Yoga?
    We’re just making a distinction between a yoga practice available during the day, and one after night falls. Morning’s practice will be some energizing moves to wake us up, and the night’s practice will be a relaxing one, winding down the body.
  • What is Whatchu Need? Yoga?
    During the day Saturday, the Whatchu Need Bowl will be out for you to put in optionally anonymous requests for movements or body parts that are bothering you, or that you’d like to get better at. Stephanie and April will craft a practice for Sunday that specifically addresses what everyone needs.
  • What if I suck at meditation? I can’t turn my brain off!
    Good, we can’t turn our brains off either. If any of us did, we’d be dead. Brains are weird and irritating at times but we need them. Meditation isn’t about turning the brain off and having no thoughts – it’s about centering our thoughts, releasing the thought patterns we don’t need, and generally just chilling the fuck out and noticing the positives in our world. It doesn’t suck nearly as much as you might think, and we’ll help you get to the not-sucking point (that’s why it’s “for noobs”).
  • What if I suck at yoga? I can’t touch my toes!
    A student in our community was recently sharing a story where he was trying to convince his friend to go to yoga, but the friend said he wouldn’t be able to do any of it because he couldn’t touch his toes. The student said “No way dude I do yoga all the time and it’s great but I can’t touch my toes either, look!”  He bent down to demonstrate his stiffness… and to his surprise, reached all the way to his shoes. “Wow, must be the yoga!” Saying you can’t do yoga because you’re not flexible is like saying you can’t clean your house because it’s dirty. Don’t worry, we’re all in this together, to be supportive and adaptive and get your body working more like you want it to. It’s not about looking great on Instagram (although you might 😉 ) it’s about feeling better IRL.
  • How do I pay you?
    We can take cash or credit card payments via Square. Paypal’s fine, too.
  • What are your deposit and refund policies?
    $100 deposit is due to hold your spot and your bed.
    Full payment is due by March 15th (although you can still sign up after this date if spots are open!)
    If you need to cancel before March 15th, your $100 deposit is nonrefundable until we fill your spot with another yogi — once the spot is filled, the deposit is refunded.
    If you need to cancel after March 15th, your $100 deposit is nonrefundable until we fill your spot with another yogi — once the spot is filled, $50 of that will be refunded.
    **Please** do not hesitate to contact Stephanie or April about any questions or concerns you have about these policies.
  • What kind of food will there be? I’m vegan/glutenfree/allergic to the color yellow?
    We both have all kinds of stupid allergies. April is vegan, Stephanie is an omnivore, and we’re both experienced in working with dietary restrictions to find good food options for anyone. Please let us know when you’re registering what your dietary restrictions are (or if you’re a weirdo that hates cilantro or something) so that we can get everything planned out.
    This isn’t gonna be a weekend where you’re starving because all we serve is raw vegetables and air. We’re thinking about things like oven baked fries, chili & cornbread, maybe pizzas or stir fries or curries. Further info to come.
  • Three yoga classes sounds like a lot – what if I’m too sore or wiped out?
    You don’t have to do all three classes. You’re welcome to chill out elsewhere, stay in bed, or even just come and lay in a pile of child’s pose and soak up the tunes and the good energy. Yea, if you never move, you might be a little sore after three yoga classes in one weekend. But you know what – that’s a good sign. It means your body is changing. Soreness will not kill you. And of course, the yoga’s supposed to help you feel better in your body. You’ll probably be way less sore than you would think.
  • What’s up with this double/single occupancy thing?
    You got a friend or partner you don’t mind sharing a spacious bed with to save on some dough? Private bedrooms and master bedroom will sleep two people, so instead of paying the single occupancy rate, pay the double price that includes lodging, food, and everything for two people. Oh, and that’ll help us fit more rad folks in this rad space for this super rad weekend! Party on.
  • Shit, that weekend is really bad for me, I just can’t make it work. Will you be doing this again?
    We’d love to! Please message us and let us know about your interest and the scheduling conflict. Depending on the response, we’ll get another one in the works as soon as we can.
  • I have another question and you haven’t answered it here?!?!?!?
    Good. I got sick of typing and I’m sure you have more questions. Please reach out to or or find us on Facebook or Instagram or on our websites – we’re totally available and ready to chat with you about any questions or concerns you’ve got.