So, this is like a week and a half late to the website.  Thanks for bearing with me.  I’ve been having a rough time keeping dedicated to all of the elements of this blog and video series for two reasons.

One – you folks never talk back to me about it.  Comments?  Likes?  Shares?  Anything guys?  I’m not kidding I really do like talking to people and hearing from them about their experiences.  Tell me what you like or don’t like, or give me some requests and suggestions for future videos.  Heck you could even keep it casual and just sign up for my email list 😉 That would make me just tickled. (Thank you!)

Two – I’m less than 2 months now from the biggest craziest move of my life.  I’m going to Melbourne in Australia in mid-October and I’ll be there about 6 months.  Starting to job hunt, wrapping up my life here in Portland, and trying to make the most of time with loved ones here… it’s been a lot.  And it’s not going to get much easier over the next few weeks, so, again, your grace with my inconsistency is so much appreciated.

I’m still totally in this project!  These videos are going keep coming, I’ll keep writing, and I’ll keep sharing for sure.  I might not always get things done “on time” but they’re coming, don’t worry.  It would definitely help me out a ton to get some feedback and cheering on from all you readers and viewers, though… just sayin’ 😉

Anyways, I talk in the video.  Yada yada yada.  Watch it!  Do it!  Enjoy!

Cheers, yo.

-*- Namaste -*-