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This is yoga for those who aren’t into the soft and willowy sounds of sitars and singing bowls.  The playlist is heavy on doom metal which is a style of music with low, heavy riffs and resonating vibrations perfect for a deep and meditative practice of movement.  I also like to mix it up with some Darkwave and Post Rock tracks. Mindful movement is linked with the breath, providing an opportunity to get out of our heads and our lives, getting into the body and the tunes instead.  We move through basic postures for beginners, with options for more advanced practitioners to go deeper into their practice.  Bring your grandma!


My fiance and I met April at one of her Doom Yoga sessions. Neither of us are experienced in yoga but both of us have a desire to learn and a love of metal. This class seemed like a good place to start. April was AMAZING! She gave clear instructions that were easy to follow and also gave great tips and personal attention to help us with our form. Never once did I feel uncomfortable or intimidated (feelings I have experienced in my past few attempts with studio yoga). I look forward to rocking more yoga with April in the future.
– Shalimar Henderson, Portland, OR


“I love Deep Dark Yoga! I feel a little out of place in traditional yoga settings, but with Deep Dark Yoga and it’s rock n’ roll aesthetic, I feel like I finally found somewhere I fit in. I’m new to yoga, but April made me feel super comfortable, and I left class feeling great!”
– Jeff Cohen, Misfits of Fitness, Portland, OR