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Episode 29 – “F*ck That” A Guided Honest Meditation

I got a pretty rad Christmas gift, and I’d like to read it to you.

Why?  Um, because it’s rad.  Also, I think way too many people think you have to be a certain type of person to meditate, and they are not that type of person.

Fuck that.  That idea is wrong.  If you feel like you can’t meditate because you think too much, because you’re too busy, because sitting still is hard, because you find yourself reciting expletives in your head instead of moving towards peacefulness, or because you end up playing through the riff from your latest favorite song in your head; sorrynotsorry, but you’re wrong.

These are all reasons that you SHOULD meditate.  And honestly, they’re reasons that you can.  Because it means that you are human.  And humans can totally meditate.  Even if they say “Fuck” a lot.

If you thought this BOOK was awesome (which I definitely do) then you should do several of the following:
Buy it here:
Visit the author Jason Headley’s website here:
Maybe follow him on social media
FB: @heyjasonheadley
Twitter: @jason_headley
and go over and check out HIS YouTube channel because he’s offering some really rad stuff.

Episode 25 – “Don’t Cry Over Spilled Luggage”

I made it!  I’m here!  In Australia!  Holy crap, guys!

It was a wild (and long) ride but I got here, found a place to stay for a while, and I’ve been incredibly fortunate to meet some pretty incredible people.  I’m surprised at how much culture shock I’m not actually experiencing… and then of course surprised at the little bits of culture shock that I do have.

For example, I was surprised that all of the yoga studios I’ve been to don’t have woven Mexican blankets, they have wool blankets instead.  Well, duh– Australia isn’t right next to Mexico like the US is, and Oz has a major wool industry.  Oh, and the first time I went to print my CV it came out on some pretty weird looking paper.  Because yes, blondie, “US letter” is only really a common size in (you guessed it) the US!  {In case you’re curious, it’s a size called A4 elsewhere.  You’re welcome.]

I feel like I’ve been in this interesting place of spinning wildly in madness and uncertainty… but not really.  I’m pretty dedicated to remaining calm and going with the flow (read: rushing stream in Salmon season) and it’s making a huge difference.  All of that yoga and breathing and non-attachment really works — crazy, right?

In the midst of one of the most manic days of my first week out of the US, I filmed this episode.  Watch the dharma talk for a recap of how my last leg of travel panned out (spoiler alert – not super smoothly) and then when you’re done, watch the practice and bookmark the video for when you’re experiencing your own travel woes (or work woes.. or general woes.. or no woes… basically just do it whenever).  And send this to people you know who might be taking a trip soon, if you think it could be helpful for them.

Have you had your own travel madness?  How did you deal?  Comment and let me know – I’d love to hear from you!


Cheers, yo!

-*- Namaste -*-



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