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Episode 25 – “Don’t Cry Over Spilled Luggage”

I made it!  I’m here!  In Australia!  Holy crap, guys!

It was a wild (and long) ride but I got here, found a place to stay for a while, and I’ve been incredibly fortunate to meet some pretty incredible people.  I’m surprised at how much culture shock I’m not actually experiencing… and then of course surprised at the little bits of culture shock that I do have.

For example, I was surprised that all of the yoga studios I’ve been to don’t have woven Mexican blankets, they have wool blankets instead.  Well, duh– Australia isn’t right next to Mexico like the US is, and Oz has a major wool industry.  Oh, and the first time I went to print my CV it came out on some pretty weird looking paper.  Because yes, blondie, “US letter” is only really a common size in (you guessed it) the US!  {In case you’re curious, it’s a size called A4 elsewhere.  You’re welcome.]

I feel like I’ve been in this interesting place of spinning wildly in madness and uncertainty… but not really.  I’m pretty dedicated to remaining calm and going with the flow (read: rushing stream in Salmon season) and it’s making a huge difference.  All of that yoga and breathing and non-attachment really works — crazy, right?

In the midst of one of the most manic days of my first week out of the US, I filmed this episode.  Watch the dharma talk for a recap of how my last leg of travel panned out (spoiler alert – not super smoothly) and then when you’re done, watch the practice and bookmark the video for when you’re experiencing your own travel woes (or work woes.. or general woes.. or no woes… basically just do it whenever).  And send this to people you know who might be taking a trip soon, if you think it could be helpful for them.

Have you had your own travel madness?  How did you deal?  Comment and let me know – I’d love to hear from you!


Cheers, yo!

-*- Namaste -*-



Episode 24 – “Really Uncomfortable Things”

Hard things are kind of funny aren’t they?  When you can’t do them, they’re really hard.  And then, after working and practicing and trying and failing and falling… one day you can do the hard thing.

Not to say it gets easier, necessarily.  It just gets more familiar.  I think a lot of hard things stay hard, we just get used to what we need to do to get through them.  Like heartbreak and loss, like doing your own taxes or getting a group of people to decide where to meet for dinner.

When I first came to yoga I could barely lower myself to the ground from plank with any sense of control… or dignity.  Passing through chaturanga?  Forget about it!  But, since I was totally hooked on the whole yoga thing, I kept coming back to classes and before I knew it my push ups were cleaner, and eventually chaturanga became a familiar part of the practice.

And then, a few more years into my practice, my teacher began bringing us through more advanced transitions – like this one.

Going from chaturanga to up-dog and then back through chaturanga to plank and then to down dog… yea I know, I get a little dizzy and green just typing all that out.

I fell the first time I tried it.  It hurt like crap the next couple times.  But I “stuck it in my back pocket” if you will and kept trying it out on days when I felt a bit strong.

One day though, it finally worked.  My muscles and my brain still scream at me “WHY DO YOU HATE US?” every time I do it… but I know it’s helping me get stronger and that the challenge helps me grow in this practice.

So let’s play with it together, eh?  And then this week you can just go and leave me a bunch of comments asking why I hate you (I don’t) to make you do this (I didn’t – remember how this is your practice and you can modify any time you like?) and why doesn’t it work perfectly for you (it doesn’t have to).  Then share this with all of your friends to torture *ahem* challenge and intrigue them.  And after, to celebrate, you can do your taxes together.  Or… maybe that would be the time to determine what you should do for dinner together.  Anyways, watch this, do this, enjoy!

Cheers, yo!

-*- Namaste -*-



Episode 23 – “Dancing in the Forest”

Guess what guys — I got out of the living room to film this one!  The view is WAY better… although I have to admit the picture of me really isn’t.  Whatever – you can hear me, you can see the shapes, and this flow was pretty great.  Lots of open-hearted shapes, continuous movement, opening up all over the place.

Since we’ve been doing pigeon for a couple of weeks in flows, I thought we might dig into some variations.  My teacher calls this “Queenie Pigeon,” as opposed to King Pigeon where you hold onto the bound foot with both hands from over your head and it’s kind of madness.  I’m still working on that one.  On my good side, I can get there for a second or so with a LOT of warm-up on a really good day.  So this practice won’t take us through that (but hey, if you have it and wanna work into it, be my guest man!)  BUT “Queenie” is still a great backbend and fun shape to work with and we’ll explore the steps leading up to it as well.

Make sure you’re really focusing on what’s going on in your body as you’re working into that pose.  Keep a lifted long spine to avoid pinching in the low back, and pay attention to the support from your thighs in your hips.  I really feel a lot better trying to wiggle into a longer spread of the legs and get my hips closer to the ground, but you might feel more supported by drawing the thighs into the hips.  Personally, that strategy leaves me feeling somewhat precariously balanced so I prefer getting down for more foundation.  If I’m making no sense at all feel free to comment and let me know “April, I have no idea what in the actual hell you are talking about.”

In fact, leave me comments anyways.  Like and share this with your friends, and enjoy the beautiful mountain views.  Follow me on Instagram @aprilkindarocks to see more from my trip to Mt Hood National Forest this past weekend. And keep looking forward to more field trips out of my living room over the next couple of weeks.

Cheers, yo!

-*- Namaste -*-





Episode 22 – “Deeply Rooted”

So, this is like a week and a half late to the website.  Thanks for bearing with me.  I’ve been having a rough time keeping dedicated to all of the elements of this blog and video series for two reasons.

One – you folks never talk back to me about it.  Comments?  Likes?  Shares?  Anything guys?  I’m not kidding I really do like talking to people and hearing from them about their experiences.  Tell me what you like or don’t like, or give me some requests and suggestions for future videos.  Heck you could even keep it casual and just sign up for my email list 😉 That would make me just tickled. (Thank you!)

Two – I’m less than 2 months now from the biggest craziest move of my life.  I’m going to Melbourne in Australia in mid-October and I’ll be there about 6 months.  Starting to job hunt, wrapping up my life here in Portland, and trying to make the most of time with loved ones here… it’s been a lot.  And it’s not going to get much easier over the next few weeks, so, again, your grace with my inconsistency is so much appreciated.

I’m still totally in this project!  These videos are going keep coming, I’ll keep writing, and I’ll keep sharing for sure.  I might not always get things done “on time” but they’re coming, don’t worry.  It would definitely help me out a ton to get some feedback and cheering on from all you readers and viewers, though… just sayin’ 😉

Anyways, I talk in the video.  Yada yada yada.  Watch it!  Do it!  Enjoy!

Cheers, yo.

-*- Namaste -*-



Episode 21 – “You Are Enough”

“Hello, my name is April, and I do way too much.”

I’m really very willing to admit (despite what my loved ones say) that I do entirely too much.  As a result of this, I will also admit that I get really tired.  Over, and over, and over again, I will “admit” that I’m tired.

Has saying “I’m tired” ever given you more energy?  Yeah, me neither.  It’s that whole “hung by the tongue” thing… the more you say something, the more you make it true.

Then again, saying “I have lots of energy! I’m not tired at all!” has never actually made me feel less exhausted when exhausted is just the reality of the situation.  Really, it’s just lying.  The Yama of Satya (a commitment to truthfulness) doesn’t fall off the moral compass radar for the sake of fixing a bad attitude.

So what’s a yogi to do?  Touch our fingers and thumbs, close our eyes, and magically “Om” away fatigue and bad moods?  Nope.  That’s another fallacy.

What really does work is to focus on the truth.  And not the truth of being tired or having a bad day (we covered that).  Focus on bigger truths.  Big beautiful truths that are constant and unaffected by our attitude or how easy things are going.  Truths strong enough to support us and sweet enough to surrender to.

“I am loved.” “I am whole.” “I am enough.”

Because you are loved.  And you are enough.  And everything you do, as long as you are fully there with it, is enough.

Even if you can’t grab your hands behind your back and your leg.  Because we’re gonna try that in this video.  And I have a secret – it’s not all flexibility to be able to do it.  I have really long arms, so it’s easy for me, but if you have shorter arms, go grab a strap.  Just do, seriously.  Try to work beyond it if you’re close, inching your fingers closer on the strap, but seriously — don’t struggle just because you think this is something you should be able to do.  You should be able to enjoy your practice.  You do yoga because it makes you feel good right?  Put that ahead of your ego.


Watch the video! Do some yoga with me.  Lots of breathing and heart opening and acknowledging these incredible truths of love and enough-ness.  And then tell me all about how you liked it and what kind of neat stuff you wanna do next week, or what kind of neat stuff you wanna listen to.

Cheers, yo!

-*- Namaste -*-




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